Alexander Linduska


Embedded Aigaion Query 2009

A. Linduska and J. Lindner
A Low Complexity Differential Modulation Scheme for MIMO OFDM
Tenth International Symposium on Communication Theory and Applications, Ambleside, England, July 2009
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R. Zhan, A. Linduska and J. Lindner
Blockwise Space-Frequency Code Design for Noncoherent MIMO OFDM Systems
Globecom, 2008
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A. Linduska, M. Wetz, W. Teich and J. Lindner
Analysis of OFDM Multitone FSK Schemes in Frequency Selective Fast Fading Channels
9th International Symposium on Communication Theory and Applications (ISCTA), Ambleside, England, July 2007
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B. Badic, A. Linduska and H. Weinrichter
Impact of spatial channel correlation on super quasi-orthogonal space-time trellis codes
Workshop on Signal Processing Advances in Wireless Communications, June 2005


T. Detert and A. Linduska
Fast converging PE detectors with good near-far resistance in UTRA FDD uplink
12th IEEE Mediterranean Electrotechnical Conference, May 2004


T. Detert and A. Linduska
A fast converging polynomial expansion multiuser detector applied to UTRA FDD
International Symposium on Signal Processing and Information Technology, December 2003

Supervised Theses

Supervised Master and Diploma Theses

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U. Abay
Untersuchung von Space-Time Block Codes mittels der reellwertigen Darstellung von Vektoren und Matrizen
March 2010
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I. Troskin
Differential Space-Frequency Codes for MIMO OFDM Systems
November 2009
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M. Krstic
Investigation and Implementation of Algorithms in a Graphical User Interface for a Hardware MIMO Demonstrator
October 2007
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R. Zhan
Investigation of Non-coherent Space Frequency Codes for MIMO-OFDM
March 2007
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H. Dehner
Untersuchungen zu Übertragungsverfahren für inkohärente MIMO-Systeme mit reduzierter Empfängerkomplexität
February 2006
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Supervised Bachelor Theses and Student Projects

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U. Abay
Grundlagen Orthogonaler Space-Time Block Codes für Single-Carrier MIMO-Systeme
May 2009
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D. Mack
Differentielle Modulationsverfahren für MIMO-OFDM Systeme
March 2009
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N. Franzen
Iterative Detektion amplitudenbegrenzter Signale bei robusten OFDM-Verfahren
May 2007
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J. Hou
Untersuchungen zu differentiellen Space-Time Modulationsverfahren
February 2007
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