M.Sc. Dmitrii Fedotov


PhD Thesis

Embedded Aigaion Query

Contextual Time-Continuous Emotion Recognition Based on Neural Networks


Embedded Aigaion Query 2017

D. Fedotov, M. Sidorov and W. Minker
Context-Awared Models in Time-Continuous Multidimensional Affect Recognition
Proceedings of the 19th International Conference on Speech and Computer, SPECOM 2017, 2017

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Open Topics

Master thesis: Visual emotion recognition in the wild at multi-user and group levels (link to topic description)

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In Progress / Completed

Embedded Aigaion Query 2017

Master Thesis
Bayesian optimisation of LSTM networks for emotion recognition (Euler program)

Master Thesis
Recurrent neural network models for time-continuous multi-label emotion recognition (Euler program)

Research Assistant