M.Sc. Matthias Kraus


PhD Thesis

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Proactive Situation and User-Adaptive Dialogue Management

Research Interests

  • Proactive Dialogue System Management
  • Multimodal Dialogue Systems
  • Multi-Domain Dialogue Management
  • Cognitive Companion Systems
  • Human-Computer Trust
  • Statistical Dialogue Modelling


Eine Companion-Technologie für kognitive technische Systeme (A Companion-Technology for Cognitive Technical Systems), SFB/Transregio 62, Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (German National Research Council)


Embedded Aigaion Query 2017

M. Schiller, G. Behnke, M. Schmautz, P. Bercher, M. Kraus, W. Minker, B. Glimm and S. Biundo
A Paradigm for Coupling Procedural and Conceptual Knowledge in Companion Systems
ICCT, 2017

M. Kraus
Mixed-initiative intent recognition using cloud-based cognitive services
University Ulm, Universität Ulm, 2017

G. Behnke, F. Nielsen, M. Schiller, P. Bercher, M. Kraus, W. Minker, B. Glimm and S. Biundo
SLOTH--the Interactive Workout Planner
ICCT, 2017


S. Ultes, M. Kraus, A. Schmitt and W. Minker
Quality-adaptive Spoken Dialogue Initiative Selection And Implications On Reward Modelling
Proceedings of the 16th Annual Meeting of the Special Interest Group on Discourse and Dialogue (SIGDIAL), ACL, Prague, Czech Republic, pp. 374--383, September 2015
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L. Pragst, S. Ultes, M. Kraus and W. Minker
Adaptive Dialogue Management in the KRISTINA Project for Multicultural Health Care Applications
Proceedings of the 19thWorkshop on the Semantics and Pragmatics of Dialogue (SEMDIAL), Gothenburg, Sweden, pp. 202--203, August 2015
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MSc/BSc Topics

Open Topics

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Master Thesis
Graceful Degradation in Dialogue Systems
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Master Thesis
Implementation and Evaluation of Statistical Intention Recognition in SDS
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Ich übernehme gerne die Betreuung von Bachelor und Master Arbeiten aus dem Bereich meines Promotionsthemas. Wenn du interessiert bist oder einen Vorschlag hast, schreibe mir einfach eine E-Mail.

I gladly supervise bachelor's and master's theses within my PhD topic. Just write an email if you are interested or have a proposal.

In Progress / Completed

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Master Thesis
Topic Switching Strategies In Cloud-Based Multi-Domain Spoken Dialog Systems
master thesis,

Research Assistant