Process Intelligence


Process Intelligence (PI) offers companies the possibility to analyze and optimize their business processes in real-time. For this, it provides methods, concepts and tools (cf. Fig 1) to collect and analyze process and business data that is distributed over various information systems. Accordingly, application data relating to the operational processes has to be preprocessed in an intelligent and efficient way to fasten decision support. Process Intelligence can be divided into three categories depending on the user group it targets at:

  • Strategic Process Intelligence supports the management through easy to understand Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and their appropriate visualization (e.g., on dashboards).
  • Tactical Process Intelligence offers process owners intelligent assistance to analyze and control process performance at a fine-granular level (e.g. at the level of single instances).
  • Operative Process Intelligence assists single users to work on processes faster at run-time and gains insight into the individual participation in the process.

The goal of the project is to develop methods and concepts for next generation Process Intelligence. In the project we will

  • deal with data integration issues.
  • provide techniques for monitoring of business compliance rules.
  • evaluate existing tools for process performance and process monitoring.
  • conduct surveys and case studys on Process Intelligence.
Process Intelligence Architecture
Figure 1: Process Intelligence Architecture


  • University of Ulm, Institute of Databases and Information System
  • Accenture AG


    • Partially funded by Accenture AG


      The Process Intelligence project has been running since 2010.


      Jens Kolb

      Prof. Dr. Manfred Reichert

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