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The next

Workshop on Stochastic Geometry, Stereology and Image Analysis

will be held at the Heinrich-Fabri-Institute in Blaubeuren, Germany during the period of March 22-27, 2009.

The topics of the workshop will include various aspects of convex, fractal, integral and stochastic geometry, spatial statistics, stereology, image analysis, and further related mathematical fields as well as their applications.

Scientific Committee:
A. Baddeley (University of Western Australia, Perth), D. Jeulin (Ecole des Mines, Paris), G. Last (University of Karlsruhe), M. Reitzner (University of Osnabrueck), V. Schmidt (Ulm University), E. Spodarev (Ulm University), D. Stoyan (TU Bergakademie Freiberg), R. Vitale (University of Connecticut)

Local organisers: Volker Schmidt, Evgeny Spodarev