Information for Electrical Engineering (ET), Communications and Computer Engineering (IST) and Communications Technology (CT) students for Summer Semester 2020

An update from the Student Affairs Committee ET/IST/CT

To everyone enrolled in an electrical engineering program at Ulm University:

We hope that you are doing well and that — despite the extraordinary circumstances — you will start the coming summer semester with confidence.

The measures being taken throughout Germany to contain the Corona pandemic also apply to Ulm University. Most employees of the University are currently working from home, and students are not permitted to set foot on campus. It is perfectly understandable that you face the coming semester with feelings of uncertainty and worry.
At the moment, a large number of people in the Institutes of our Department, the central facilities of the University and the Student Affairs Committee are working around the clock to ensure that you are taught in a reliable, comprehensive and research-oriented manner in the upcoming summer semester.
Unfortunately, we do not know when Ulm University will be able to end its shutdown and gradually return to normal operations. We must assume that measures to curb the corona pandemic will remain in effect through the beginning of lectures in mid-April and that no on-campus teaching will take place for the time being. Further below on this webpage you will find current information regarding the courses to be offered by the Department of Electrical Engineering during Summer Semester 2020.
In this challenging situation, we ask for your patience and trust! All members of the University community are committed to minimizing the disadvantages you might suffer from changes to the teaching schedule. Please grant us the necessary time and freedom to prepare for this extraordinary semester.

With best wishes for your health,
Your Student Affairs Committee ET/IST/CT


Here you can find a list of all courses that were originally planned for the upcoming summer semester. This list will indicate which courses will be taught online, should on-campus teaching be impossible due to the corona pandemic. We will continuously update the list.

Fortunately, we can already tell you that most courses offered by the Department of Electrical Engineering will be conducted online. Exceptions to this are laboratory-based courses (Praktika) and projects that rely on access to laboratories or equipment stationed at the University. If, at some time during the semester, we are permitted to resume on-campus teaching, then the aforementioned lab courses and projects will take place from that point on, possibly in the form of block courses scheduled toward the end of the semester.

This list contains a link to the campus management system ( and a link to the respective Moodle course (if already available) for each course offered, under which you can find further information.

The lecture times posted in the campus management system remain valid until further notice. This helps avoid an overlap of online course offerings, and it facilitates switching back to classroom-based instruction, should circumstances permit.

Please consult this webpage regularly to stay informed about the latest changes.

Download: Course List Summer 2020


Exam dates for the winter semester 2019/20:

Oral examinations can presumably be carried out starting on May 25, 2020 in the classic presence form after consultation with the examiner. Alternatively, an oral exam can also be carried out in an online version, also after consultation with the examiner.
When registering for an exam in the portal, please make sure that you register the correct exam form if both the oral attendance exam and the oral online exam are available!

For the online exams please note the information in the link:

Written Exams of the summersemester 2020:
Exams Bachelor Engineering summersemester 2020
Exams Master Engineering summersemester 2020

Important information about theses (valid only this summer semester):

- According to the decision of the examination board of April 8, 2020, students can register and start their theses with 15 CP less than specified in their respective FSPO
- Students of the Master Communications Technology may start their thesis even if a maximum of two of the compulsory subjects are missing

These measures were decided to minimize disadvantages for the students resulting from the current corona-related restrictions.



Download: Course List Summer 2020

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