• Can I do this course parallel to my Master program?

    We are sure that is no problem – especially because of the flexible working hours. There are only three obligatory meetings, including the kick-off meeting, first and final pitch. All other dates are organized by yourself, your team and your mentor. However, it should be noted that this course needs a high motivation and independent working to reach the aim of your business concept at the end!

  • I'm a PhD-student, can I take part in Founder's Garage?

    As a PhD-student you might already have a precise idea for a start-up. Nevertheless there is a lot of work to be done. What is the market situation? Which customers do you have in mind? What are the financing opportunities for you?

    Why don't you apply as a mentor in Founder's Garage? You are the scientific expert, your team can support you in doing the business research. In the end of the course, your team and you will have completed a business concept.

    All you need to do is:

    • summarize your idea in a short presentation and advertise it in the Boot Camp
    • have regular meetings with your team and discuss their progress
    • accompany your team to their pitches and in the end, critically read the business concept


    If this sounds interesting for you, contact us under foundersgarage(at)uni-ulm.de or fill out the registration form.

  • Will I get ECTS?

    Currently, students of the Master programs Biochemistry, Chemistry, Physics, and Informatics receive 6 ECTS for taking one semester in Founder's Garage I.

    Founder's Garage II with two semesters is credited with 12 ECTS in the Master programs Biology and Physics.

    In other Master programs, the ECTS are not credited, yet. At the moment we are working on a solution that you get ECTS as part of your Master program. As a participant that completed the course, you receive a certificate as an additional accomplishment.

  • When does the course start and end?

    The course starts on October 24th with the Start-Up Night in Biberach. The first obligatory meeting is the Boot Camp on October 25th-26th. The last obligatory meeting is on 17th January. You will have regulatory meetings with your mentors in between that you may arrange individually. Also, you might have some meetings after January 17th. The deadline for handing in your business plan is the end of winter term.

    Depending on your motivation, you can visit the follow-on course in summer semester to transfer and evaluate your concept.

    Please check Founder's Garage Events!

Contact information

Dr. Andrea Wirmer

Referentin der Vizepräsidentin für Lehre und Studienkommission Biologie

Helmholtzstr. 16, 89081 Ulm

Raum 1.08b

Telefon: +49 (0)731 50 22017

Mail: foundersgarage(at)uni-ulm.de



Dana Schultchen (M. Sc. Psychologie)

Projektkoordination und wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin

Albert-Einstein-Allee 41, 89069 Ulm

Raum 41.3.112

Telefon: +49 (0)731 50 31734

Mail: foundersgarage(at)uni-ulm.de


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