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Great movies for a small price!
Following this motto, we show the latest blockbusters in English on Wednesdays and in German every Tuesday. On selected Thursdays we screen, according to your wishes, sophisticated, classic or exotic movies and offer movie nights. Enjoy the special atmosphere in a lecture hall with a large screen and surround sound with you classmates. Drinks, popcorn, chips, peanuts and sweets are offered at cost price.

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Terms of use

of the UniKino Google Calendar

Because of the legislation the UniKino-Kalender ist not public, but only for campus use. Each user is therefore obliged to comply with the following conditions:

Ulmer students / college / university students are allowed:

  • To integrate the calendar for personal use in non-public calendar views (eg own Gmail account, iGoogle personal page, etc.).
  • To synchronize the calendar with no public devices for personal use (eg, synchronization with a private / iPhone / Android / Outlook / Thunderbird etc.).   
  • To release/reccomend the calendar other students or ulm university staff.   
  • to communicate the calendar address to the above standing group of people via private message (eg email, SMS, Instant Mesenger, etc.).   
  • To integrate the calendar in nonpublic university's intranet site or to synchronize with them, as far as it is ensured that it is only accessible from the campus network of the University of Ulm / Neu-Ulm and Ulm universities.
It is not allowed:
  • to publish the calendar.  
  • to integrate the calendar in a public website / application.   
  • to publish the address of the calendar eg home page, forums, Twitter, Facebook, etc.).

Yes, I belong to the above mentioned persons and agree to the terms and conditions.

No, this is why I only get the public calendar with screening dates but without movie titles, film descriptions, etc.

UniKino - Great Movies for low Prices!