Command reference: Load value on stack: load x | x, load mem; x = float-value, pi, e, ans, count, index, rand, % (value on stacktop)
Unary operators on stack-top: neg, abs, sign, floor, ceil, round, sqr | ², sqrt, sin, cos, tan, arcsin, arccos, arctan, fact | !, exp, lg, ln
Binary operators on second (left arg.) and first (right arg.) value from stack: min, max, add | +, sub | -, mult | *, div | / | :, pow | ^, log
Useful commands: # (comment), show (output stacktop), del (delete stacktop), mem (save stacktop to mem), letthesunshine, toohot

Commands: Program:
index = (loop-counter for index variables)
count = (loop count-times or endless if count < 0)

step = (number of repetitions between output, higher stepsize increases speed)


2009 by s_ftschi