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  Thomas Kammer, M.D.    Senior Scientist

Associate Professor
Head of the Section for Neurostimulation

University of Ulm
Department of Psychiatry
Leimgrubenweg 12
D-89075 Ulm, Germany

Office and lab now in the research building,
former cafeteria:
how to find (pdf)

Phone:   +49 (0) 731-500-61544
Fax:      +49 (0) 731-500-61412
Email: thomas.kammer at

Research interests:
  • Physics and physiology of transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS)
  • Physics and physiology of transcranial DC-stimulation (tDCS)
  • Functional and structural imaging of TMS and tDCS effects
  • Therapeutic applications of TMS and tDCS
  • Timing of visual processing

In collaboration with the ZNL in Ulm:
  • Monitoring of emotional states in children
  • Influence of musical education in preschool children