Carbon dioxid emissions for selected world regions

The following interactive figure allows you to explore and compare different measures of CO2 emissions and energy consumption for different regions.

  • World wide CO2 emissions are steadily increasing. While there is a small reduction in OECD countries, there is substantial growth from Non-OECD countries
  • China’s growth in C02 emissions is substantial. The increase in the last ten years exceeds the total 2012 emissions of the EU.
  • Also on a per capita basis, China’s emissions are quite quickly increasing. While still below the German level, it has already overtaken France and seems quickly approaching the per capita CO2 emmission in the EU.
  • While still on a much smaller level (in particular on a per capita basis), also Indias CO2 emmissions are quickly increasing. They almost doubled since 2000.
  • US per capita emissions are still far above the level of China or other European countries and similar results hold for energy consumption.
    • We see however a reduction of CO2 emmissions in the US. One reason is the substitution of coal with gas, but also total primary energy consumption has gone down.
  • In the EU CO2 emmissions are only slowly decreasing, with primary energy consumption beeing quite flat.
  • In Germany CO2 emmission stagnated in the last 3 years, after a soft decline before. On the one hand, renewable energy production has steadily grown. On the other hand, also electricity production by CO2 intensive coal has increased while less electricity has been produced from gas and nuclear energy.
  • The CO2 emissions per $ of GDP are generally decreasing, but there are still a substantial cap between countries.

Published on 14 Mar 2015