Institute of Distributed Systems

The Institute of Distributed Systems is actively researching scalability, reliability, security and privacy, self-organization, and complexity management issues in distributed systems. We apply our research to a wide range of practical use cases, including cloud computing and vehicular communication networks.

Moreover, we offer lectures and projects related to our research, including computer networks, distributed systems, and security and privacy.

Our Most Recent Publications

Knapik, Peter; Schoch, Elmar; Kargl, Frank
Electronic Decal: A Security Function Based on V2X Communication
The 77th IEEE Vehicular Technology Conference (VTC 2013-Spring)
Publisher: IEEE,
June 2013
Schober, Sven; Brenner, Stefan; Kapitza, Rüdiger; Hauck, Franz J.
Bandwidth prediction in the face of asymmetry
Proc. 13th Int. IFIP Conf. on Distrib. Appl. and Interop. Sys. Volume LNCS
Publisher: Springer,
June 2013
Broekhuis, Alexander; Kächele, Steffen; Zelzer, Sascha
Native OSGi
Document number: RFP-156
OSGi Alliance,
June 2013
Kächele, Steffen; Hauck, Franz J.
COSCA: a component-based and scalable PaaS platform
Fruhjahrstreffen 2013 der Fachgruppe Betriebssysteme, Abstract
April 2013
Dietzel, Stefan; Petit, Jonathan; Heijenk, Geert; Kargl, Frank
Graph-based Metrics for Insider Attack Detection in VANET Multi-hop Data Dissemination Protocols
IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology, 62(4)
April 2013
ISSN: 0018-9545
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