The tasks of the study commission

One of the main tasks of the study commission is the development of suggestions for the further development of studies, the use of the financial means for studying and teaching and the participation in the evaluation of teaching.

The Dean of Studies

The Dean of Studies is head of the study commission. He is responsible for all tasks related to teaching and studies belong, as for instance ensuring that the offer of courses is proper and complete and in accordance with the study and exam regulation and finding solutions for complaints in the study and exam operation.

The students

The students can bring topics or suggestions for the further development and improvement of the studies and the study conditions and the use of financial means (especially means for quality assurance) via their student representatives into the study commission. They also have the right to make the dean of studies aware of shortcomings in the implementation of the teaching and study operation or the noncompliance of rules of the studies and exam regulations and to request the discussion of a complaint via the student representatives in the study commission.