Welcome to the Institute of Organic Chemistry III!



The Institute of Organic Chemistry III focusses in its research on macromolecular science with an emphasis on the synthesis of materials. This ranges from supramolecular entities of small molecules over bio-oriented toward colloidal materials. We are also teaching macromolecular science in bachelor and master courses. For more information please go to the special pages shown at the top.

News and Events

Congratulation to Phuong Linh Nguyen who has finished successfully her bachelor thesis in July!

Welcome to Michael Kögler who has started his master thesis in July!

Welcome to Matthias Spohn who has started his master thesis in March!

Welcome to Prof. Duygu Ekinci who will stay from March to August as guest scientist in the  institute!

As part of our institute's rigourous effort in chemical education, an experimental kit on nanotechnology targeting high school students has been developed in collaboration with several schools. The kit is now available through the company Hedinger. More information can be found in the press release and here.