04.12.2023 Openinig plattform to apply for summer 2024  
05.12.2023 Plenary Meeting of the IGradU  
25.12.2023-01.01.2024 IGradU office is closed for Xmas  
January 2024
02.01.2024 Opening IGradU Office


February 2024


KCS "How to present data in Life Science
19.02.2024 Selection Day IGradU (H8 + H9)


March 2024



IGradU's Spring Meeting (mandatory!)


April 2024
10.04.2024 GSP, part one
11.04.2024 Introduction meeting for the new IGradU's students (N24, H9, 11:00 a.m.)

Sicherheit in der Gentechnik (Akademie Uni Ulm, please contact IGradU for the details and registration)

20.04.2024 KeyCompSem GCP online


May 2024
02.05.2024 KCS Project Management, Kick-off meeting
15-17.05.2024 GMP- Kurs, Akademie Uni Ulm
JUNE 2024
05.06.2024 Designing and Presenting Scientific Posters in the Life Sciences (Villa Eberhardt)
06+07.06.2024 Writing Papers and Theses in the Life Sciences (Villa Eberhardt)
10.06.2024 The start-up phase of the doctorate, Golin Wissenschaftsmanagement
18.06.2024 Career day/IGradU Summerparty
24.06.2024 GMP for Voltaren® (online)
July 2024
10.+11.07.2024 KCS Project Managent
16./17.07.2024 KCS MoMAN Laser Microdissection
22.+23.07.2024 KCS Proposal writing, online seminar by Wilma Simoleit
22.07.2024 Selection Day for the new doctoral students starting in the winter term 24/25
August 2024
September 2024
16./17.09.2024      KCS MoMAN Small animal


October 2024
09.-11.10.24  Fall Meeting (Mandatory)
21.10.2024 Industrial Pharmamanagement
22.10.2024 Biotech Quality Manager
November 2024
04+05.11.2024 PhD/MD and then? Career Possibilities with a Start in Science!
14.+15.11.2024 KCS Academic Writing
December 2024