...to attend...

To start networking and to get integrated into the “scientific life” the PhD students have to attend several talks and meetings during their PhD.

Beginning of your PhD we organize a short, but compulsory INTRODUCTION SESSION. The Intro session is a kind of meet and great where we give you some information about the PhD programme, your tasks, your benefits.... And you get the possibility to ask unclear settings.

Twice a year we organize an international meeting - the Spring and the Fall Meeting. The attendance of the Meetings is compulsory for all PhD students.

The intermediate evaluations of our students take place during the meetings. Furthermore, the doctoral student award is presented and the graduation ceremony for students who have finished their studies takes place.

PhD Students have to attend 30 optional talks by external speakers per year.

We count:

  • lectures given during the Spring and Fall Meetings of the Graduate School
  • external talks organized by the institutes/SFB´s
  • talk from international meetings

...to present....

A very important skill is the presentation of data in a structured and understandable way. To improve those skills and to deal with critical feedback and discussions, the PhD students will present their data in different formats.

…are a particular element of our training concept that our students must pass. Both evaluations take place during our spring and fall meetings and consist of a poster presentation and/or a public talk. Through their public frame the exams help to actively integrate the graduates into the international scientific community and to ensure proper progress in the scientific project. PhD Students have the chance to seek advice from professional international scientists.

Progress Report is a biweekly, compulsory seminar where PhD candidates present their research results to the other PhD students. Each student has to present his/her progress once per year. Furthermore, students learn to chair presentations.

Students are assigned to one of the several groups. At least 12 talks per term have to be attended. However, missed sessions can be caught up by attending sessions of the other groups.

...to study...

The IGradU will support a broad education and therefore implemented mandatory courses to improve knowledge beyond the PhD topic.

The lecture series "Improve your textbook knowledge" is a general introduction into different aspects of Molecular Medicine. The topics presented in the IYTK module should give you a broad overview of important topics in research with the focus on novel methods & their application in this field or state-of-the-art findings that are so important they will appear in all textbooks soon.

The lecture series are compulsory for all first-year students of the PhD Programme. Students have to attend at least 85 % of the sessions in the first year of the PhD-studies.

The programme of the current semester you can find here.

The Journal Club is a seminar offered by the institute where the PhD work is carried out. If an institute does not offer a Journal Club, PhD students can attend the Journal Club of their second supervisor's institute. Regular attendance of the Journal Club must be confirmed by the head of the Institute for the registration for the intermediate examination.

The current programme you can find here.

...to participate...

We offer a wide range of key competence seminars and activities for improving methodical and soft skills in order to enhance the employability of our graduates.

Good Scientific Practice is a block course according to the DFG and University guidelines which has to be attended by all PhD students during the first 6 months of PhD studies. This course will ensure correct scientific conduct of our young scientist.

The GSP Course is organized by ProTrainU.

Our training programme in key competencies is designed to equip students with a full range of skills which will improve the students as researchers, and ensure that they are not only highly qualified but employable in a variety of careers by the end of their studies. 
Our training programme has been created especially for our students and is customized to fit the typical situations and problems which occur during doctoral research. We work with highly qualified trainers and experts in their fields.  All offered IGradU KeyCompSem and the registration platform you will find here.


Students have to attend two optional activities with a minimum of 8h. These can be workshops, excursions, scientific meetings, summer schools, retreats, mini symposia, ProTrainU workshops or our key competence seminars. Activities not organized by the Graduate School also count.

If you are not sure whether an event will be accepted as an optional activity by the Graduate School, please contact the coordination office.

Each PhD student has to attend 2 or 3 practical training sessions before the end of the second study year. The practical training has to cover 10 working days in total and must be completed in 2 or 3 different institutes. Practical training can be completed in the institute of the second or third supervisor, in industry or at MoMAN.

In cooperation with ProTrainU and MoMAN you can also participate in those courses. Workshop longer then 8h or two workshops longer then 4h count as activity.

Mobility Programme Graduation Ceremony Integration into scientific community
TAC Supervison Social Activities Student Award
Education Programme