Our biannual meetings - the spring and fall meeting - are an encounter with international flair. 

Twice a year we organise an international meeting - the Spring and the Fall Meeting. The attendance of the Meetings is compulsory for all PhD students.

The meetings are attended by speakers of international renown who embrace current and future developments in the field of Molecular Medicine, and provide the opportunity for students to integrate themselves into the scientific community and get in contact with potential laboratories to perform a post-doc. The students give presentations and seek advice for their work from professional international scientists. Additionally, poster sessions provide the possibility for all doctoral students to participate actively in the meeting and to discuss issues with the invited speakers. Thus, our meetings provide a platform for getting to know each other personally and fostering research collaborations and networking.

The intermediate evaluations of our students take place during the meetings; first year students present a poster, second year students have to present their data with a talk alongside with a poster.

Two other fix points of the meetings are the student award for the best theses and our graduation ceremony, where the final diploma are handed out in a festive frame.

Upcoming Spring Meeting is taking place on March, 13-15,2024!

Our last Fall Meeting takes place on November 7-9th, 2023! We are looking forward to seeing/welcoming you there!