Webex Support


First information can be found on our page Webex. First personal contact point at the kiz is as always the Helpdesk.

Especially in the start-up phase, when not every employee or student has his or her own Webex license and corresponding know-how, one is also dependent on multipliers who organize such meetings within a department or institute for the director or for a project and also pass on know-how to colleagues. The following two offers are therefore mainly directed at these "Webex organizers".

Mailing list for Webex organizers

This list is primarily aimed at multipliers of Webex know-how:

  • News about the service
  • Exchange of experience
  • Best practices: How can I... ?

It is intended as a help during the introductory phase of the service. Whether it will be continued in the longer term depends on the acceptance and the experiences made with it. Each member of the list can post a message or access the archive of previous messages.

On the main page of the list, they can also subscribe to it themselves, view the archive of previous messages as a subscriber or cancel their subscription.

Webex Consultation hours

Weekly every Thursday from 09:45 - 10:45 am.

Information about dialing into the consultation hour: Unfortunately, it is very system-dependent what actually happens on your computer when you click on a link. To be on the safe side, you will therefore find three different dial-in instructions below.

A: Dial-in via the meeting link


Meeting ID: 842 094 303
Meeting password: 4663

B: Dial-in information for users with Webex account

These users usually have the desktop software "Cisco Webex Meeting" installed.

  1. Start this software.
  2. For "Join a meeting" enter the meeting ID number as meeting information: 842 094 303 and press ENTER. If necessary, enter the meeting password: 4663

C: Dial-in information for users WITHOUT Webex account via web browser

To dial into the meeting with your web browser (current Firefox, Chrome):

  1. Go to the website https://uni-ulm.webex.com
  2. Enter the meeting information, first the meeting ID: 842 094 303, press ENTER, and then enter the meeting password: 4663

One more important note: If the connection GAR CANNOT be established, this may be due to the server. In this case please try again 3 minutes later. Whereby method B works better than method C under high server load.