Trends in Nanoscience: Structure and Functions

International Symposium „Trends in Nanoscience: Structure and Functions" at Kloster Irsee from October 8 th to 12 th , 2005

Almost 200 scientists, mostly chemists and physicists, from 16 different countries were attending the symposium „Trends in Nanoscience: Structure and Functions“, which was jointly organized by the two Collaborative Research Centers (SFBs) at Ulm "Hierarchic Structure Formation and Functions of Organic-Inorganic Nanosystems” (SFB 569) and at Konstanz "Nanostructures at Surfaces and Interfaces” (SFB 513). With that number, the Conference Center at Kloster Irsee in Bavaria was completely booked out underlining the attractiveness of the topic as well as of the various speakers.

The final program consisted of invited talks and contributed posters. This mixture together with the schedule of the symposium gave ample of time for discussions strongly supporting the dialogue between especially chemistry and physics, which both significantly contribute to the still growing area of Nanoscience.

The following pictures may give an impression of the symposium's atmosphere.

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