Students wishing to conduct a research projects

Below you will find a selection of student research projects that are available in our institute. Please note that almost all of these projects are flexible and can be adapted to your skills and interests, as well as study level. For example, we can change the focus of a project between software, hardware and clinical experimentation or narrow down the scope to a Semester or BSc thesis project. Check out also our general research topics, maybe you have a great idea related to one of these topics and we would love to support your project!

International students wishing to conduct a thesis project in our institute can consult the website of the international office and check whether they qualify for exchange programs and verify the application deadlines. Outside of these exchange programs, no subsidies or living cost support will be available. Nevertheless, thesis projects are still possible as invited visiting student. Please note that internships are not available unless you are already registered at Ulm University.

Available student projects and graduation topics

How to apply

To apply for a project, please contact the responsible person via email with your name, email, study field and semester. Please also attach in pdf format your

  • short CV (~1 page),
  • transcripts,
  • previous project reports (if available),
  • and a short motivation (1 paragraph) why this would be the right project for you.

We will then contact you and work out a detailed project description and a learning agreement that are best suitable for you.

We are looking forward working with you!


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