2018-07-01 Since July 1, 2018 the former Institute of Optoelectronics is a part of the new Institute of Functional Nanosystems.

2018-04-26 Sven Bader is the recipient of the Best Student Paper Award for his work on "Optical manipulation of current confinement in VCSELs with an external laser beam" presented at the Semiconductor Lasers and Laser Dynamics conference as part of the SPIE Photonics Europe 2018 Symposium in Strasbourg, France, Apr. 22-26.

2018-04-16 An online article of the University reports on the VCSEL Day, including photos of the opening session.

2018-04-04 The 11th European VCSEL Day Workshop will take place at University West on April 12 and 13. 

2018-03-21 Our Annual Report 2017 is ready for download.

2017-12-12 Successful Ph.D. defense "Three-dimensional InGaN/GaN based Light Emitters with Reduced Piezoelectric Field" of Junjun Wang.

2017-12-11 Successful Ph.D. defense "Metallorganische und Hybridgasphasenepitaxie von semipolaren (1122)-orientierten GaN-Schichten auf vorstrukturierten Saphir-Substraten" of Marian Caliebe.

2017-11-20 We welcome our new acting director Prof. Dr. Hans-Jörg Fecht.

2017-10-01 We say goodbye to our secretary Hildegard Mack and to our director Karl Joachim Ebeling.

2017-06-01 We welcome our new staff members Markus Miller and Jan-Patrick Scholz.

2017-05-09 The Annual Report 2016 of the Institute is now online.

2017-04-27 Once again schoolgirls visited our Institute on this year's Girls'Day to gain insight into current research topics. [Video]

2017-03-31 We say goodbye to our colleague Markus Daubenschüz.

2017-03-28 Successful Ph.D. defense "GaN-Nanostreifen für LED- und Laseranwendungen" of Robert Leute.

2017-02-02 We welcome our new visiting scientist Dr. Markéta Zíková (Czech Academy of Science) who will be working with the GaN Group until August 2017.

2017-01-09 We welcome our new staff member Vignesh Devaki Murugesan.



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