The payment of the fees can be done either by bank transfer (best method for German and EU citizens) or by credit card (Visa or Master Card).


Bank transfer

Bank account for Bank transfer:

Payee:Kasse der Universität Ulm
Bank name:BW-Bank/LBBW Stuttgart, Filiale Ulm
BLZ:600 501 01
Account no:7439 5032 50

DE15 6005 0101 7439 5032 50

Please indicate Reason of payment:
YOUR NAME, EWMOVPE XIII (Project P5118008)

Bank address:
Baden-Württembergische Bank
Filiale Ulm
Syrlinstraße 35
89073 Ulm
Tel.: 0731 1427-64
Fax: 0731 1427-50


Credit card

For payment by credit card, please transfer the following data to us by Fax or normal Mail (see respective form):

  • Type of credit card:  VISA or Mastercard
  • Credit card number
  • Card Verification Value (Visa) or Card Validation Code (Mastercard). This is a triple-digit number on the back-side of your credit card
  • Exact Name of card holder (as printed on the card)
  • valid until MM/YYYY
  • Amount in EUR
  • Signature

Please notice, that these data must be transfered to us by Fax or normal mail. E-mail cannot be accepted due to safety reasons.

Credit card payment form (PDF)
Credit card payment form (DOC)




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  • Institute of Optoelectronics
  • Albert-Einstein-Allee 45
  • 89081 Ulm
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  • Fax: +49 (0)731 50 26049