Christian van Onzenoodt, M. Sc.

Christian van Onzenoodt has served the institute of mediainformatics in various tutor and assistant positions before joining the research group visual computing.

Research interests

  • Information visualization
  • Visualization of publications
  • Perception of scatterplots


In summerterm 2020, I am supervising Digital Media.

Past Lectures
  • Proseminar - Visual Computing [WT19/20]
  • Digital Media [ST19]
  • Interactive Computergraphics [WT17/18]


I am glad to supervise theses in the field of Information Visualisation. Hereby we mainly rely on the Javascript Framework D3 for fast and easy development of visualizations.  Here I would like to present some general research topics of my interest as well as concrete topics. If you are interested in a thesis or if you do have something you would like to work on which fits my field, feel free to write me an email or drop by my office.
Theses on the perception of visualization (Bachelor- & Masterthesis)

Theses in this area aim to understand how observers perceive visualization. Using these insides, we then try to find to visualizations can be improved in order to make them more accessible and therefore easier to find answers to given questions or while exploring the data.

Theses on Informationvisualization (Bachelor- & Masterthesis)

Theses in this area aim to visualize various data like for example email-traffic, dynamic graphs, computer networks, social media, or even satellite orbits. These visualizations should then help observers to find answers to given questions or support them while exploring the data.

Visual Analysis of Anomalies in the CHRONOGRAPH Platform (Masterthesis)

CHRONOGRAPH is a graph processing platform supporting distributed, event-driven, history-aware computations on dynamic graphs. While the system offers reasonable scalability and supports multiple graph processing models, evolving graphs also introduce inherent complexity, especially when graphs show strong dynamics over time. The ability to understand communication flows in such complex systems requires a visual analytic tool that supports users in tracing events or investigating how vertex behavior in ongoing computations.

In this thesis, we would like to investigate different approaches to visually explore the CHRONOGRAPH platform with a particular focus on anomaly detection in the time domain. The goal would be to implement a real-time capable web-based application which then could be used to illustrate and evaluate the approaches.

This thesis will be done in cooperation with the Institute of Distributed Systems.



C. van Onzenoodt, A. Huckauf and T. Ropinski, "On the perceptual Influence of Shape overlap on Data-Comparision using Scatterplots" , Computers & Graphics, 2020.


A. Bäuerle, C. van Onzenoodt and T. Ropinski, "Net2Vis: Transforming Deep Convolutional Networks into Publication-Ready Visualizations" , arXiv:1902.04394, 2019.


C. van Onzenoodt, J. Kreiser, D. Heer and T. Ropinski, "Evaluating the Influence of Stereoscopy on Cluster Perception in Scatterplots" , SIGRAD, 2017.