Restructuring at the institute

Due to personnel changes at the institute, our teaching activity currently is very limited

Institute of Information Resource Management

We currently focus our activities on autonomous Management of Information infrastructures, efficient realisation of Cloud- and Clustersystems and how through tight integration of application, middleware and hardware management service provision can be optimized.

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A. P. Achilleos, K. Kritikos, A. Rossini, G. M. Kapitsaki, J. Domaschka, M. Orzechowski, D. Seybold, N. Nikolov, D. Romero and G. A. Papadopoulos, "The Cloud Application Modelling and Execution Language", Journal of Cloud Computing, 2019. Springer.


D. Baur, F. Griesinger, Y. Verginadis, V. Stefanidis and I. Patiniotakis, "A Model Driven Engineering Approach for Flexible and Distributed Monitoring of Cross-Cloud Applications " in 11th IEEE/ACM International Conference on Utility and Cloud Computing, Dec. 2018.
D. Baur, "A provider agnostic approach to multi-cloud orchestration" in ACM/IFIP International Middleware Conference Doctoral Symposium, Dec. 2018.
D. Seybold, C. B. Hauser, G. Eisenhart, S. Volpert and J. Domaschka, "The Impact of the Storage Tier: A Baseline Performance Analysis of containerized DBMS", Workshop on Container-based Systems for Big Data, Distributed and Parallel computing @ Euro-Par 2018, Oct. 2018.
C. B. Hauser, J. Domaschka and S. Wesner, "Predictability of Resource Intensive Big Data and HPC Jobs in Cloud Data Centres" in IEEE International Workshop on System Reliability in Cloud Computing and Big Data, IEEE International Workshop on System Reliability in Cloud Computing and Big Data, Lissabon, July 16-20, 2018, Jul. 2018.

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