Preliminary Program

Program might be subject to changes, please check the program closer to the conference
date or use the conference app (coming soon) for an up to date program

Plenary Speakers

Opening lecture: Jean-Marie Lehn

University of Strasbourg

Opening Lecture: Daniel Nocera

Harvard University

Leticia González

University of Vienna

Sherri McFarland

The University of Texas at Arlington

Dirk Guldi

Friedrich-Alexander University of Erlangen

Claudia Turro

Ohio State University

Osamu Ishitani

Tokyo Institute of Technology

Invited Speakers

Stefan Bernhard

Carnegie Mellon University

Luisa de Cola

University of Milan & Institute Mario Negri

Thorfinnur Gunnlaugsson

Trinity College Dublin

James McCusker

Michigan State University

Peter Sadler

University of Warwick

Wesley Browne

University of Groningen

Elizabeth Gibson

Newcastle University

Licheng Sun

Westlake University & Royal Institute of Technology

Andrea Pannwitz

University of Ulm

Michael Wolf

University of British Columbia

Paola Ceroni

University of Bologna

Ksenija Glusac

University of Illinois

Antoni Llobet

Institut Catalá d'Investigació Química

Petter Persson

Lund University

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