Prof. Dr. Werner Smolny

Private born 1959, married, two children.
Studies 1978 to 1984 studies of economic sciences at the Universitiy Hannover, he completed his studies with a degree as economist.
Promotion 1985 to 1991 scientific and teaching assistant at the University Stuttgart and at the University Konstanz, professorship Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Franz.
  1991 he received his doctor’s degree as Dr. rer. pol. at the University Konstanz. He received the price of the Schisser/Allweiler foundation for his dissertation.
Habilitation 1991 to 1998 assistant professor at the University Konstanz.
  1994 to 1996 he was on leave in the context of a habilitation studentship of the German Research Foundation.
  he finished the habilitation in November 1997 and received the licence to teach economics.
  1994 he stayed abroad at Rijksuniversiteit Limburg, Maastricht, Nederland, in the works of Mr. Prof. Dr. Franz Palm and 1995 at the Center for Economic Performance at the London School of Economics in the works of Mr. Prof. Dr. Charles Bean.
  Heidelberg Scholar of the German Research Foundation.
  1998 and 1999 Representative of the Professorship of Economics I at the University Augsburg. From winter term 1999/2000 to the summer term 2002 Professor of Economics at the Ruhr-University in Bochum.
  2000 to 2004 member of the academic advisor council of the Institute for Employment Research at the Institute of the Federal Employment Agency in Nurnberg.
Currently Since 1999 Professor of Research at the ZEW in Mannheim.
  Since the winter term 2002/03 Professor of economic policy (Ludwig-Erhard-Stiftungsprofessur) at the department “Mathematik und Wirtschaftswissenschaften’’ at the University Ulm.

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[] Prof. Dr. Werner Smolny
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