Sustainable Management WS 2018/2019

Start of the Lectures

The first lecture will take place on Friday, 19 October 2018 (the lecture on 15 October 2018 will be cancelled due to the introductory session for first semester students.)

  • arousing initial interest and awareness for the operational sustainable management
  • giving insight into sustainable management tasks and approaches
  • learning how to integrate sustainability objectives into strategic management and controlling
  • identifying the need to integrate sustainability requirements into the individual management functions
  • learning about the concepts and tools for operationalization and management of energy and material flows
  • developing the ability to reflect critically on the new techniques taught in the course
  • learning how to solve real life cases and problems

Overview of sustainable management basics:

  • significance of sustainability, sustainable management incl. its ecological, social and economic dimensions
  • significance of the stakeholder concept for sustainable management
  • Sustainable management strategies
  • corporate social responsibility
  • sustainability focus of selected management functions
  • organization
  • human resources
  • product development
  • marketing
  • production/investment
  • controlling/accounting
  • reporting
  • integrated management systems

  • Baumast, A./ Pape, J. (2008): Betriebliches Umweltmanagement. Nachhaltiges Wirtschaften im Unternehmen. 3. Aufl., Eugen-Ulmer-Verlag, Stuttgart
  • Dyckhoff, H. / Souren, R. (2008): Nachhaltige Unternehmensführung. Grundzüge industriellen Umweltmanagements. Berlin, Heidelberg.
  • Meffert, H./Kirchgeorg, M. (1998): Marktorientiertes Umweltmanagement, 3. Aufl., Stuttgart.
  • Stehling, F. (1999): Ökonomische Instrumente der Umweltpolitik zur Reduzierung stofflicher Emissionen, Stuttgart.
  • Wagner, G. R. (1997): Betriebswirtschaftliche Umweltökonomie, Stuttgart

Exercise Instructor

Felix Piontek, M.Sc.

Schedule and Classroom

The first lecture takes place on 19 October 2018 in  room H12.

Monday 08:00 - 10:00 (H22)
08:00 - 10:00 Uhr (H12)

Basis for

Compulsory modules II, Sustainable Management M.Sc.