Core Facilities

A complemental measure for strengthening the scientific performance is the implementation of core facilities that provide resources for shared cross-institutional use and to external partners.

The Medical Faculty Core Facilities


We provide access to advanced biomedical imaging infrastructure and support scientists in their research projects.

For the submission of new requests and information on individual services, please contact the respective CF Heads directly. For general information please contact the CF Management.


Please select a Core Facility to obtain more information on registration, infrastructure and services.


Core Facility Managerin Dr. Julia Nagy

Dr. rer. nat. Julia Nagy

Science Manager CFs

✉ julia.nagy[at]
☎ 0731 - 500 33635

Center for Translational Imaging MoMAN


The DFG-funded Center for Translational Imaging - From Molecule to Man (MoMAN) bundles the core facilities in the field of medical imaging and beyond.



Der Zellsortierer der Core Facility Cytometry erlaubt die hochgradige Aufreinigung auch seltener Zellpopulationen.



Der Seahorse Extracellular Flux Analyzer der Firma Agilent Biotechnologies ermöglicht Analysen in 96-well-Platten.



Forschende Person bearbeitet Zellen unter dem Abzug.



Das Zentrum für Klinische Studien bietet Unterstützung bei Planung, Vorbereitung und Durchführung von klinischen Studien.