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Bei Organoiden handelt es sich um dreidimensionale, epitheliale Strukturen, welche Aufbau und Funktion des Organs oder Gewebes nachahmen, von welchem sie stammen.

The Core Facility for Organoids provides services in the establishment and cultivation of organoids, as well as the testing of clinically relevant substances on these cultures. Organoids are three-dimensional epithelial structures that mimic the structure and function of the organ or tissue from which they are derived.

Starting from small tumor pieces, patient-specific organoid cultures can be established, which can be passaged in vitro due to their self-renewal and self-organization ability (Fig.1).

The figure shows an example of the establishment of organoid cultures.

For this purpose, a special matrix (e.g. Matrigel) and media with appropriate niche factors are used (Fig.2).  These "patient avatars" reflect the structural and molecular characteristics of the original tumor tissue and can be used, among other things, to investigate the response to substances used in cancer therapy, such as chemotherapeutic agents or small-molecule inhibitors. A correlation between clinical response in patients and results from organoid assays has already been described for various tumor types [1, 2].

So far, the cultivation conditions for organoids based on tumor material of pancreatic cancer and colorectal cancer have been established in the Core Facility. Organoid cultures for further tumor types such as breast cancer, ovarian cancer or urothelial carcinoma are currently being established. Please do not hesitate to contact us regarding your questions and projects!


[1] Beutel et al. "A Prospective Feasibility Trial to Challenge Patient–Derived Pancreatic Cancer Organoids in Predicting Treatment Response." Cancers 13.11 (2021): 2539, link

[2] Ooft et al. "Patient-derived organoids can predict response to chemotherapy in metastatic colorectal cancer patients." Science translational medicine 11.513 (2019), link

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