"I got a complete 360 degree view of oncology...

... and became part of the network of international expert colleagues."

Susanne Gomm – Clinical Research Scientist und student in the Master Online Advanced Oncology programm.

For excellence in oncology:
Continuing Medical Education Programme
"Master Online Advanced Oncology" (part-time)

More than 10 years of success: The online course of studies "Master Online Advanced Oncology" is a worldwide unique continuing education program for physicians and scientists working in oncology or are active in areas related to oncology.

Great demand for oncological (co-)supply

The incidence of cancer is increasing with the higher life expectancy of the population, while at the same time innovations in oncology are leading to a decrease in cancer-related mortality and the trend towards chronic diseases under long-term care. Oncology is one of the most dynamic medical disciplines in terms of new insights into molecular mechanisms and their application as new therapies. Thanks to improved outpatient care structures, many tumour patients can now also be treated on an outpatient basis. The number of patients undergoing oncological treatment is thus constantly growing, and in return we are observing a growing undersupply in oncological care.

Therefore, there is a growing demand worldwide for academic continuing education for oncologists. In addition to extensive clinical skills in various areas of oncology, aspects of personalized and patient-centered medicine, expertise in conducting clinical trials and the professional management of oncological facilities is also asked for.

State-of-the-art oncology: update your knowledge now!

The online study programme "Master Online Advanced Oncology" provides current therapy recommendations for tumours of solid or haematopoietic tissue and also the underlying molecular causes. The offer is rounded off by oncologically oriented business administration and management theory as well as personal coaching. The lessons are given in English and the programme is completed in four semesters on a part-time basis. During the online learning phases you are flexible in time and space and will divide the learning material according to your individual needs.

Join the international network of "experts in oncology"

In an international circle and small semester groups of maximum 20 participants, the course offers an intensive exchange between students from all countries and international experts. In addition to the self-study phases, participants and teachers usually meet personally for five approximately workshop seminars at the exclusive seminar locations Schloss Reisensburg in Günzburg and Villa Eberhardt in Ulm. In the Advanced Oncology Alumni Circle you stay in touch with each other.


Type of study
Continuing medical education programm / part-time (M.Sc.)


Credit Points
363 CME points
60 ETCS points

Number of students/year

Start of the study programme
Winter semester (1st October)

Regular duration of the study
4 semesters

Restriction on admission
yes (see conditions mentioned below)

Study fee
4.875 € per semester
19.500 € for 4 semesters


Up-to-date knowledge in oncology

Approximately 150 international experts impart up-to-date specialist knowledge at university level:

  • Current therapy standards including Psycho-oncology

  • Basics of molecular diagnostics and therapy

  • Basics of clinical trials / studies

  • Management of different units from the practice to the cancer center

  • Personal coaching

  • Evaluated teaching material
    - 165 hours of lecture videos with interactive elements
    - Additional readings
    - Self-testing and forum

Successful Blended learning concept

  • More than 10 years of successful digital teaching and learning concept

  • Learning at your own pace: 90% free time allocation

  • Individual and flexible learning: spatially independent learning

  • 5 workshop seminars with international participants

  • University Degree - Academic Degree: Master of Science

  • 363 CME and 60 ECTS points

International network

  • International specialists meet and network

  • Interdisciplinary exchange

  • Preparation for diverse career opportunities / leadership positions in medicine, research or business

  • Lifelong update in the Alumni-Circle

Successful Blended learning concept: 10 Years Master Online Advanced Oncology

90% Distance Learning

The blended learning concept of the Master Online Advanced Oncology continuing education programme combines a sophisticated e-learning programme with networking workshops. The participants receive a total of 165 hours of lecture videos, didactically linked and provided with interactive elements, for self-study. About 150 international experts in oncology and other relevant fields guide through the learning program. The concept combines the effectiveness and flexibility of modern online learning elements with the social aspects of face-to-face encounters and the opportunity for networking during face-to-face seminars. Furthermore, we provide the participants with an extensive library.

10% Seminars

In addition to self-study, all participants meet for mandatory seminars. As far as possible, the meetings will take place in the university’s own seminar centres “Villa Eberhardt” and “Reisensburg Castle”. Exams are taken there and presentations and workshops are held. In addition, there is plenty of time to get to know each other and exchange ideas.

Villa Eberhardt

The representative former residence of an Ulm family of manufacturers is the seminar centre of the University of Ulm. This little gem on the Safranberg in Ulm offers the participants the perfect setting for seminars, exams and network discussions. The associated park invites you to take walks during the conference breaks, and accommodation in the nearby Ulm hotels is organised in consultation with the students. Schloss

Reisensburg Castle

The picturesque castle and conference center "Reisensburg Castle" near Ulm is the venue for the classroom seminars 3 and 5 of the participants of the Master Online Advanced Oncology. Reisensburg Castle is not open to the public, students enjoy the exclusive privacy of a historic site.


Comprehensive oncological study programme

The aim of the Master Online Advanced Oncology Programme is to improve the quality of patient care by developing professional skills. To achieve this, we cooperate with health professionals and institutions around the world and promote the exchange of scientific knowledge, methods and skills.

Prospects and Careers

The continuing education course provides up-to-date expertise in the fields of modern cancer therapies, interdisciplinary oncology and clinical research. At the same time, he prepares the participants for senior positions in practices, clinics, tumour centres, other oncological institutions and pharmaceutical companies through intensive seminars in business administration and management as well as personal coaching.

Alumni Circle Advanced Oncology

In 2020, the master's program Online Advanced Oncology celebrated its 10th anniversary. Since graduating, graduates from all over the world have formed the international Alumni Circle, a professional network of specialists and experts in oncology.

Who is the study suitable for?

  • Specialists in oncology & haematology

    The Master Online Advanced Oncology program is particularly suitable for specialists in oncology and haematology, but also for doctors on their way to becoming specialists. The program is based on the "ESMO/ASCO Recommendations for a Global Curriculum in Oncology. " Prerequisite is at least one year of professional experience in the field of oncology.




  • Physicians from other fields

    Physicians from other fields also benefit from the competencies acquired in the Master Online Advanced Oncology. The continuing education course is particularly suitable for the following specialisations:

    - General Medicine
    - Surgery
    - Gynaecology/ Obstetrics
    - Gastroenterology
    - ENT
    - Human genetics
    - Internal Medicine
    - Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine
    - Neurology
    - Orthopedics
    - Pathology
    - Pediatrics
    - Radiology
    - Urology

    The prerequisite is proof of one year of professional experience in the field of oncology.

  • Natural scientists

    Graduates of natural science courses (pharmacy, biology, biophysics, chemistry) as well as engineering courses (medical engineering, biotechnology) also benefit from the competencies acquired in the Master Online Advanced Oncology. Prerequisite is at least two years of professional experience.


What our students apprechiate

Lona Gaugler, scientist – Switzerland

I particularly appreciated the comprehensive overview of the tumor entities and enjoyed the many technical discussions. In this professional network of experienced researchers, I felt extremely well informed.

Sergiu Brenister, surgeon – Moldova

For me, the course Molecular Biology was very important, because here we learned and discussed the basics for diagnosis and therapeutic approaches.

Blaise Nkegoum, pathologist – Cameroon

Cancer is responsible for increasing deaths worldwide - especially in developing countries, including my country. In any case, I will intensify my research in this area and I am glad about the many good contents and the important contacts.

Zeinab Elsayed, radiotherapist – Egypt

I completed my medical studies more than 10 years ago and I feel very well prepared for the future with the Master Online Advanced Oncology. Clinical research and management are important aspects for me.

Study Plan and Global Curriculum

The Master Online Advanced Oncology programme offers a broad and comprehensive further education programme. With respect to the recommendations for a Global Core Curriculum stated by the European Society for Medical Oncology (ESMO) and the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) we are providing an intellectual environment for acquisition of knowledge, skills, clinical judgement, and attitudes essential for the practice of medical oncology (2006, p. 1605).

Semester 1

  • Cellular and molecular biology
  • Diagnostics
  • Principles of Therapy
  • Epidemiology

Semester 2

  • Biometry
  • Clinical Trials
  • Ethical Aspects
  • Project Management

Semester 3

  • Clinical Oncology I
  • Clinical Oncology II
  • Integrated Therapeutic Concepts

Semester 4

  • Business Basics
  • Health Care Systems
  • Management of Processes and Entities
  • Quality Control


Our students and lecturers are from all over the world. Join the Advanced Oncology Network today and meet at high-ranking international meetings!

How to apply?

The application procedure is divided into 4 steps. First you have to check whether you fullfill the requirements. If you are eligible you can apply via our online application system. After the application deadline the Selection Committee will select the applicants which will be invited to an online interview. This interview is the last step in our application procedure.

Step 1: Requirements

  • Proof of a degree from a German or foreign college or university

     ... in a medical course of studies (e.g. State examination in medicine) at a German or foreign university or a degree recognised as equivalent at the level of usually four years of study or 240 ECTS credits as well as at least one year of professional experience in oncology or

    ... in a course of studies in the natural sciences or engineering course of study at a German or foreign university or a degree recognised as equivalent at the level of usually four years of study or 240 ECTS credits or in courses of study with substantially the same content at a German or foreign university as well as at least two years of professional experience in oncology

  • Proof of a sufficient command of the English language

    The English language skills are assessed in the interview. Please note that the Master’s thesis must also be written in English.

  • Upgrade on the ranking list for occupational experience/practice

    • At least three years of professional experience related to the course of studies
    • Completion of an additional qualification in oncology (specialist training as a physician or international equivalent, e.g, German Facharztausbildung)
    • Publications, as evidenced by cumulative impact factors  greater than 10
    • At least one year of relevant occupational experience in a foreign country
    • Leadership experience (chair of department, oncology practice/center or research group)
    • Third party funds raised independently, as evidenced by explicit mentioning of the applicant in the approval notice 

Step 2: Online Application

  • Registration and application

    Your application will only be accepted via our online application system. Please register first with a valid e-mail address. After registration, our system automatically sends a verification link to your e-mail address. Please check your spam folder if you cannot find the corresponding email in your inbox. The link will take you to the online application form, which you must complete in full. Then upload all the required documents. You need

    • Your motivation letter
    • Your certificates (Bachelor Degree certificate and transcript of records) as well as evidence of your professional experience (see Level 1: Requirements)
    • Proof of additional qualifications
    • Your curriculum vitae

Step 3: Selection Process

  • Selection for the online video interview

    The applicants, who will be invited to an online video call, will be selected by the Admissions and Selection Committee. This committee ensures that admission requirements are fulfilled. Ranking of candidates is according to primary academic achievements (BSc, MD). Bonus points (deduction of 0.1 of the final examination mark) can be achieved according to the criteria specified in the Admission Statutes. The number of online video call invitations (40) is limited to the double of the maximum number of seats in the program.

Online Video Interview

  • Dates and implementation

    The interviews will take place at the end of June/beginning of July. The selected applicants will be invited approximately two weeks in advance. All dates are set in Central European Summer Time (CEST). With the invitation to the online interview, you will receive a PowerPoint template, which you can use for a brief introduction of yourself (name, age, current position, research focus, motivation for your studies, planned Master's thesis). Please limit yourself to one page. The interview is about Webex. The main topics are professional practice, oncological expertise, additional qualifications as well as motivation for the course of studies. The assessment also includes problem-solving skills and argumentation as well as mastery of the English language. The interview usually lasts between 10 and 15 minutes.

  • Interview Follow-up

    Once the selection interviews have been completed, we will inform you of your admission within three weeks. Candidates who cannot be admitted due to their ranking, we offer a place on the waiting list if a higher-ranking candidate does not take up his place.

Tuition Fees

  • Study Fees

    Study Fee
    The tuition fee is 4,875 € per semester. This includes all costs for the modules, tutorial guidance, online lectures, master thesis and exams. Payment is due upon receipt of payment notification which is issued in connection with re-registration for each semester. An agreement on installments is possible.

    Administrative fee
    An administrative fee of 170€ per semester will be charged additionally (subject to change).

    Seminar expenses
    Travel, living expenses and accommodation costs during the attendance seminars are not included in the fee. For full board an amount of about 100 € per day should be calculated. The study program is intended for the prevention of human capital flight from underserved regions.

Scientific Director


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