Graduate International Autumn School

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COLLAB – Collaboratory for Global Sustainability 2021

  • A four-day intensive virtual autumn school for Master students

  • A Canadian-German cooperative programme of Ryerson University and Ulm University

  • Small intercultural teams mentored by facilitators

  • Innovative concepts on sustainable global energy production

COLLAB 2021 Schedule

Dates:  12 – 15 October

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Rolling admission – first come first served

Five Reasons to Participate in COLLAB 2021

Gain international experience

Get an intensive international experience in just four days by taking part in a virtual hackathon-style programme.

Make new contacts

Meet other like-minded Master-students from Toronto, Canada & Ulm, Germany.


Improve your soft skills

Develop entrepreneurial, project management and leadership skills.

Be innovative

Come up with innovative solutions on how to make the global energy production more sustainable and resilient.

Be inspired

Have fun and get inspired by diverse perspectives and creative thinking in international teams and become part of an international community.

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The COLLAB Programme at a Glance ...


  • Time of programme: 12 October - 15 October 2021
  • Target group: Master and PhD students of all disciplines
  • Application: no later than 30 September 2021 (rolling admission)
  • Number of participants: maximum of 20 students
  • Language: English


And in Detail ...

Please check:

What and when?

  • Autumn School:  12 October – 15 October 2021
  • Topic of the interdisciplinary team challenge:  Reimaging Global Energy Production
  • 4 days at 4 hours each of structured programme
  • In Toronto:  9 am – 1 pm;  in Ulm:  3 pm – 7 pm
  • Language of communcation:  English
  • 20 participants; five student teams of four persons each plus two facilitators per group, one from Ryerson, one from Ulm
  • Facilitators are PhD students who serve as mentors and navigate the teams through the creative thinking and planning process
  • Pitch competition in the end of programme

Four days of programme:

  • Day 1:  Kick-off / Teambuilding / Ideation Training
  • Day 2:  Technical Workshop on Energy Production and Consumption / Key-Note Speech on Electric Vehicles / Surveys / Validation
  • Day 3:  Information Session on International Exchange Options and Funding Opportunities / Prototyping
  • Day 4:  Pitch Preparation and Presentations

How can you participate?

  • Who?  Master students from all disciplines from Ryerson University and Ulm University can apply.
  • What is required to participate?  Please turn in the Application Form including contact information, field of study, motivation for and expectations of the programme.
  • Fees?  No, it is free of charge this year.
  • When?  Application can be turned in no later than Friday, 30 September 2021But please note that places might fill up earlier as we have a rolling admission on a first come first served basis.

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Ryerson University

City university in downtown Toronto, founded in 1948
31,000 students with a diverse student population
Combines research and real-world knowledge and experience
Known for their entrepreneurship, media, engineering, business, and nursing programs

The Ulm-Ryerson Connection

Ryerson and Ulm University have started working together in the framework of the state-wide Ontario-Baden-Wuerttemberg Exchange which was established in 1990.

In 2018 representatives from Ryerson and Ulm have started an intensive bilateral discussion with the goal to create new innovative international teaching and learning experiences to students from both universities. COLLAB 2021 is the first result of this cooperation.

Ulm University

Research university with a focus on STEM subjects and medicine, founded in 1967
10,000 students and large international diversity on campus
Cutting-edge laboratories and faciliteis for research and development
Germany's leading state-of-the-art battery research

Toronto ...

  • Canada’s largest city with around 3 million inhabitans, 6 million in the Toronto Greater Area
  • Located in the province of Ontario on the shore of Lake Ontario

  • Vibrant multicultural and cosmopolitan city 

  • Prominent centre for music, theatre, motion picture and television production, health and higher education

  • The CN Tower is one of Toronto’s most famous landmarks defining its skyline

Ulm ...

  • Located in the German southwestern state of Baden-Wuerttemberg which belongs to one of Germany's most economically dynamic regions

  • Friendly and safe medium-sized twin city, just separated by the river Danube from Neu-Ulm in Bavaria; population of around 180,000 people

  • Birthplace of Albert Einstein

  • Offers a diversified mix of medieval and modern architecture and a great variety of cultural, sports and leisure activities

  • Has a literally outstanding landmark, the "Muenster", Ulm's cathedral with the world’s highest steeple

Want to Become a Facilitator in COLLAB?

Facilitators are PhD students who serve as mentors in the student teams.

If yes, please check:


You are a PhD student and you would like to become a Facilitator for COLLAB?

Good choice, because you will ...

  • Be prepared for this role in two specific workshops where you get instructions and learn about tools how to guide the teams.

  • Improve your intercultural communication, facilitation, ideation, and leadership skills in a friendly and safe environment.

  • Gain experience in innovative teaching methods incuding pitching.

  • Get new ideas for your research through an interdisciplinary approach and creative thinking methods.

  • Get insight into research opportunities abroad.

  • Be able to network with other PhD students from Canada and Germany.

  • Receive a certificate of engagement upon completion.


This is what you would do:

  • Support programme organization (two-hour team meetings every two weeks until programme kickoff)

  • Take part in three preparatory workshops:
    28 September: Intercultural Communication (3 hours)
    29 September: Team-Buiding – Team Dynamics, Team Development, Interaction and Building of Closeness Depite Physical Distance (4 hours)
    11 October: Entrepreneurship Basics, Pitch Training, and Autumn School Warm-Up (4 hours)

  • Lead a group of Master students during programme together with a colleague from either Canada or Germany (4 days, 4 hours per day)

  • Serve as a mentor for individual students in your team (total of 4 to five hours)

  • Join debriefing meeting will organizers after end of programme (4 hours)

  • Your total workload: approx. 40 hours



For your application or questions please contact:

Dr. Cornelia Estner
ProTrainU – Graduate & Professional Training Centre
Ulm University
+49 731 50-32100


Any questions? Send us an e-mail! 


The Persons in Charge Behind the Scenes

… from Ryerson University:

  • Dr. Bryan Koivisto
    Associate Professor, Ryerson University
    +1 416 979-5000 x4625

  • Dr. Roxana Sühring
    Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry and Biology, Ryerson University


… from Ulm University:

  • Daniela Englisch
    Director of the International Office, Ulm University
    +49 731 50-22015

  • Dr. Cornelia Estner
    ProTrainU – Graduate & Professional Training Centre, Ulm University
    +49 731 50-32100

  • Dr. Andrea Wirmer
    Assistant to the Vice Presidents, Ulm University
    +49 731 50 22017

  • Pia Beyer-Wunsch
    StartupSÜD Certification Programs, Ulm University
    +49 731 50-25126