City of Ulm

The city of Ulm looks back on a history longer than 1100 years. Thus in our city you can find old traditions, architecture and culture. The emblem and best known spot is definitly the minster with its spire, which is the tallest in the world. However Ulm offers you more: in particular the recent redesign of the inner city comes along with modern architecture. Mentionable in this context are the new museum Kunsthalle Weishaupt and the library of architect Gottfried Böhm.

While the city of Ulm with its 120.000 inhabitants is not a really big-city, it has its charme and you can spend hours walking through the narrow streets surrounding the minster, visiting the frame houses in the "Fischerviertel" or cross the Danube to make a trip to our twin city Neu-Ulm. All over the inner city you can find coffee bars, restaurants and pubs. If you like, you can visit the theater or one of the museums (e.g. Ulmer Museum, Stadthaus). For a short information we suggest this flyer presenting the hotspots, for further information please view this brochure or the website of the city.