Quantum mechanics and number theory

Factorization of numbers and security of codes point to an intimate connection between quantum mechanics and number theory. (more)

BEC in Microgravity

Whereas general relativity dominates cosmic scales, quantum mechanics governs the microscopic world and reveals the fundamental wave nature of matter. (more)

Quantum Free-Electron Laser

For years free-electron lasers (FEL) serve as a source of coherent and brillant radiation. A widely tunable wavelength is the most interesting advantage of such devices. (more)

Many-Body Quantum Systems

Our research on many-body quantum systems range from systems consisting of a few particles to systems consisting of essentially infinitely many particles. (more)

Foundations of quantum physics

Quantum Mechanics was formulated more than one hundred years ago. Its improvement over the decades led to a better understanding of the physical world. (more)

Quantum technology

The purpose of this project is to report on the potentials of quantum technologies. (more)