2nd annual joint PhD-retreat between the universities of Ulm and Oulu

Ulm University

On September 23-25th, 2014 the second Joint-PhD-retreat successfully took place in the brewery guesthouse of Autenried

Second retreat as an annual meeting between participating parties in the Joint Phd-Programme Oulu-Ulm took place in a small town Autenried, next to Günzburg. The first retreat, so-called „kick-off-meeting“ was organized by the Finish partners in Oulu last year.  The participants of the retreat were both times the PI’s and the PhD-students within the Joint-PhD-Programme.

It was a densily-scheduled meeting in the brewery guesthouse of Autenried with the talks of both PI’s and PhD-students. At the end of the first day with lots of sun the guided tour around the local brewery was offered. Parallel to this, the steering committee of the Joint-PhD-Programme held a meeting together with the both presidents of the University of Ulm and University of Oulu, Karl Joachim Ebeling and Lauri Lajunen, to discuss the existing joint PhD-programme and to deepen the discussion of possible future collaboration programmes between the two universities. The evening ended with tasting of the beer samples and nice chats during the dinner in a relaxed atmosphere.  The last day of the retreat (September, 25th) was reserved for the PI’s with their informative and confident talks.

We thank our Finish partners for their visit and look forward to seeing them in autumn 2015 on Finish premises.