Ulm University

Congratulations to Naseebullah Kakar, Nadine Sowada and Rüstem Yilmaz, all IGradU-members, to their paper which will be published in Genome Research

Naseebullah Kakar, Nadine Sowada and Rüstem Yilmaz, members of the IGradU in the Institute for Human Genetics, could successfully publish their data under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Guntram Borck and Prof. Dr. Christian Kubisch in Genome Research. In a collaborative project, they identified a novel disease-causing gene known as ZAK, associated with a genetic syndrome in humans characterized by split-foot malformation, nail abnormalities and hearing loss. They further highlighted the use of CRISPR/Cas genome editing for the fast and efficient creation of new associated alleles in the mouse to study the pathogenicity of mutations and deletions in a gene of interest in Mendelian disorders.