Talk by Professor Jeroen Bakkers from Hubrecht Institute

Ulm University

Professor Jeroen Bakkers from the Hubrecht Institute (Developmental Biology and Stem Cell Research), Utrecht, is visiting Ulm from May 25-27 and will give the talk: "FROM AXIS FORMATION TO HEART DEVELOPMENT: LESSONS FROM ZEBRAFISH"

The lecture takes place in Lecture Room H10, M24 on May 26th at 11:00 am and is open to public.

Hosts: Mohan Dalvoy & Gilbert Weidinger, Inst. for Biochemistry and
Molecular Biology

If you would like to talk to the speaker, please contact the hosts

Jeroen´s group at the prestigious Hubrecht Institute has made
important contributions to our understanding of vertebrate heart
development, in particular heart morphogenesis and valve formation. In
addition, he has used zebrafish genetics to unveil molecular
mechanisms of left-right axis formation.


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