Visit of our new Guest Professor Robert M. Kaplan from Stanford University, USA

Ulm University

Prof. Kaplan will visit Ulm from August 11th till 19th

In cooperation with Prof. Doris Henne-Bruns (Clinic for General and Visceral Surgery) the Graduate School gladly announces the visit of  our new  Guest Professor Robert Kaplan, Center for Advanced Studies in the Behavioral Sciences at Stanford University, USA.

He will come to Ulm from August 11th till 19th and give two talks and a workshop:

Talk 1: "Social environment and obesity.” on Thursday, August 17, 7:30 am at Oberer Eselsberg,  Room 3590, 3. Floor, Dep. of Surgery

Talk 2: "Mammography screening – where are we in 2017", on  Thursday, August 17, 3:45 pm at  Michelsberg, Room Donau, 2. Floor, Number 308, Dep. of Gynecology

Workshop: "Critical analysis of scientific data“, on Friday, August 18, 9:00 am - 4:00 pm at M24 H 10.

Please inform Prof. Henne-Bruns ( if you want to attend Prof. Kaplan lectures or workshop till August 16 for the lectures and August 17 for the workshop.

We mostly encourage you to attend his talks and workshop - don't miss this chance!