Visiting Professor Eduardo Perozo from Chicago

Ulm University

Prof. Perozo will visit Ulm (January 18-26) and will give two talks

In cooperation with Prof. Birgit Liss/Institute of Applied Physiology the Graduate School gladly announces the visit of our first Guest Professor in 2014.
Prof. Eduardo Perozo, University of Chicago, will visit Ulm from January 19th till 26th and give two talk:

1. Structural Basis of Voltage-Sensing in Ion channels and Enzymes, on January 22nd  5:30 pm , room HS 8 in N25

2. Basic Principles Underlying Ion Channel Function: A Biochemical and Structural Perspective, on January 23rd  3:30 pm in the Multimedia Room of N27

After the second talk the students of IGradU have the  opportunity for a „ask the professor session“.

Prof. Perozo is a high renowned expert so don’t miss this change.