Visiting Professor Elizabeth Mellins from Stanford University

Ulm University

Prof. Elizabeth Mellins will visit Ulm from May 26 till June 6 and give 3 talks

In cooperation with PD Dr. Timo Burster/Department of Neurosurgery the Graduate School gladly announces the visit of  Guest Professor Elizabeth Mellins, Stanford University - Division of Pediatric Immunology and Transplantation Medicine. She will come to Ulm from May 26th till June 6th and give three talks:

1. Class II antigen presentation: new insights into the pathway, on Mai 28th 10:00 am, at N25 Lecture Room H8.

2. MHC class II antigen presentation: Why are certain allels risk factors for disease?, on June 2nd 4:00 pm, at M24 Lecture Room H10.

3. Systemic onset Juvenile Arthritis: An autoinflammatory disease on June 4th 4:00 pm, at N25 Lecture Room H9.

After the first talk the students of IGradU have the  opportunity for a „ask the professor session“.

In Addition she offers office hours every day  10:00-12:00 am. If you want to use this offer please let her know before and call 55091

Prof. Mellins is a high renowned expert so don’t miss this chance.