You have been selected for the International PhD Programme in Molecular Medicine - Congratulations! The first thing to do after receiving the admission letter is to confirm that you will accept the PhD position.

The next step is the enrolment at the students’ office. As soon as you have arrived in Ulm please visit Mr. Alexander Mangold (room M24/225) at the students’ office. Do not forget to bring all the documents required in the admission letter. After having enrolled, you will receive a confirmation of enrolment, your student ID and your personal login data for the university’s internet service.

At the beginning of every semester we offer an introduction into the PhD Programme for new students. We highly recommend that you to join this event as you will get all the important information about the PhD programme there. We will inform you about the seminars and lectures you have to attend and about all the other activities and offers for PhD students. The introduction is also a first chance to meet your new fellow students.

Within the first 6 months of PhD studies, you have to nominate the members of your Thesis Advisory Committee (TAC).  The TAC monitors the student’s progress and evaluates the two intermediate examinations as well as the written dissertation and the thesis defence. Please submit the form Request TAC Approval to our Coordination Office as soon as possible after starting the PhD programme. Your TAC proposal has to be formally approved by the PhD committee.

All new students have to attend the seminar Good Scientific Practice after being admitted into the PhD programme. This block course is organized by the Graduate School and is announced on our homepage at the beginning of the semester.