Second Intermediate Exam

The second intermediate exam takes place after your second year of PhD studies and consists of a poster presentation and a talk at our Spring or Fall Meeting. The second exam also counts 10% into your final PhD grade.

Again it is your responsibility to invite your TAC members to the intermediate examination and to organize your exam. Date and time of your public talk are fixed by the Graduate School and can be found in the meeting’s programme. At least two TAC members have to be present at both parts of your exam. Therefore it is very important that you inform them about your examination early. Travel costs of your supervisors to the exam will be covered by the Graduate School. For further information about travel organisation, please contact the coordination office. Missing TAC members can be replaced by Principal Investigators (PI’s) of the Graduate School. In this case please contact the PI’s yourself and ask if they can evaluate your exam.

To be admitted to the second intermediate exam, please hand in the list of lectures and list of activities of your second study year 8 weeks before the examination. For your participation in optional activities and in the Journal Club, please submit confirmation of participation. Please also make sure that you have attended 3 practical training sessions over a period of 10 days before the second exam. Confirmations of your practical training sessions has to be submitted as well. In addition, please submit a written progress report (max. 3 pages) in electronic version 8 weeks before the exam. After having received the required documents from you, we will contact you only in the event that you have not fulfilled all admission requirements.

Registration for the exam has to be completed at least 2 weeks before the examination by handing in the form Registration Intermediate Examination. Here you have to indicate the exact date and time of your exam and the names of your examiners.

After your second intermediate examination you have to decide on either the German degree Doctor rerum naturalium (Dr.rer.nat.), or the international degree Doctor of Philosophy (PhD). The requirements for both titles are the same. Please fill in our form and submit it within two weeks after your examination.