Join Junior Faculty

What are the advantages of joining the JF?

  • Opportunity to conduct PhD-supervision as a member of TAC (Thesis advisory committee);
  • Supervisors' support;
  • Opportunities to receive financial support for further/ continuing education;
  • Opportunity to scientifically network with other junior researchers at social arrangements, such as JF- annual meetings or Science Fair;
  • Mentoring (gender programs, dyadic mentoring, peer-to-peer mentoring);
  • Subscription to our newsletter in order to receive invitations to our seminars, upcoming events and other useful and interesting information meetings

Requirements for participation

Grant or secured outside funding, e.g. outside funding from BMF, DFG, EU-Programs, Programs of the Medical Faculty of Ulm University, Margarethe-von-Wrangel-habilitation program for women, etc.

two corresponding authorships

How to apply

Fill in the fields below-stated. Attach your short CV and the paper list. You will be notified by mail about the future proceeding.

Application for the membership in the Junior Faculty of IGradU