The Humboldt Centre for Philosophy and Humanities offers students of all subjects the opportunity to look beyond their own subject area and to critically and interdisciplinarily question their own thinking and actions. To this end, we provide a broad range of courses in the ASQ area and offer ethics and MPK courses for student teachers. Finally, you will find a diverse range of courses in philosophy with a focus on philosophical argumentation, philosophy of science and applied ethics.

In research, we deal primarily with questions of the philosophy of science (e.g. the relationship between science and ideology), as well as topics from the philosophy of mind and cognition (e.g. theories of emotion and animal cognition). 

We also regularly offer events on socially relevant topics for the city public (e.g. the Ulmer Denkanstöße).

The Humboldt brothers are the namesake of the HZ: Alexander von Humboldt (1769 - 1859, left in the picture) undertook research trips all over the world as a natural scientist and became known as the "second Columbus". His older brother Wilhelm von Humboldt (1767 - 1835, pictured right) distinguished himself as a scholar, writer and statesman who reformed the German education system and founded what is now known as the Humboldt University in Berlin.