Key Qualifications (ASQ)

ASQ: Key to Success in Studies and Career

With the conversion of all previous diploma degree programmes at the University of Ulm to Bachelor's/Master's degrees, Additive Key Qualifications (ASQ) become an explicit component of the degree programme. The ASQs teach interdisciplinary and practical skills, abilities and strategies for solving problems and acquiring new competencies, such as personal and social competencies, occupational field-oriented practical competencies, intercultural competencies and orientation competencies. These pages provide information about the ASQ concept and its implementation at the University of Ulm and introduce the whole area and its programme.

You can also find a list of all current courses in the winter semester 2023-24 in our leaflet.


News about WS 2023-24

The winter semester 2023-24 begins at Ulm University on October 16, 2023.

The semester introduction in the ASQ area will take place on October 16, 2023 at 1:00 p.m. in lecture hall H11.

Start of ASQ courses:
Mon., October 23, 2023 or according to agreed dates.

Start of online registration for the courses:
Mon October 16, 2023 via CoronaNG.


Registration for these ASQ events is via MOODLE:

  • LaTeX - praktische Anwendung in wissenschaftlichen Arbeiten
  • Wissenschaftliches Arbeiten und Schreiben: Kernkompetenzen

Quality in teaching

We understand quality assurance in teaching as an important and cooperative process. From Summer semester 2023on , all ASQ seminars will be independently evaluated by the Quality Development Office. The link to the survey will be made available in every Moodle course. A higher response rate is essential, because your evaluations provide concrete information on how to improve teaching quality. Please also express your suggestions and points of criticism so that we can remain in objective and constructive exchange and further develop our ASQ offering together. It is not possible to draw conclusions about you personally. The survey is always anonymous.

Registration for the exam:

Registration for the ASQ examinations in the WS 2023 will not be possible in the LSF portal until the beginning of November.

The following change applies to all ASQ courses: In order to receive credit points or a certificate after an oral examination, it is mandatory to register for the course in the LSF for the examination. Once registration has been completed, the admission vouchers will be sent to the lecturers by e-mail and will no longer be printed out in the HZ secretariat. 

The documents and further information about our ASQ courses can currently be found in

Enrolment for WS 2023-24

mportant information on enrolment and registration::

In the winter semester 2023/24, registration for ASQ courses will again be handled via the registration system CoronaNG.

The official enrolment period is from 17.04.2023 to 21.04.2023.
In addition, you can register or deregister for all ASQ block seminars up to one week before the first event date.
All registrations are binding.

You can put your planned courses on a watch list in CORONA in advance. You can find more on this in the CORONA instructions.

Registration for external listeners via the HZ secretariat. Please contact the Humboldt Centre directly for this purpose.

Change in registration:

In the last few semesters, it unfortunately often happened that students registered in several courses did not deregister and thus deprived other interested students of the opportunity to participate. For this reason, we have decided to limit the number of possible registrations in the ASQ areas of basic, practical, orientation competence and media skills to max. 3 courses per participant from WS 2023/24.

Based on previous experience and in order to ease the burden on the registration system, we have introduced staggered enrolment.

Staggered enrollment begins on October 16, 2023 at 4:00 p.m. and runs in this order:

From 4:00 p.m.: Foreign languages (only English courses and business English)

From 4:30 p.m.: Foreign languages (all offers and languages of the language center)

From 5:00 p.m.: ASQ basic, practical, orientation, media skills; Philosophy courses at the Humboldt Center as well as events in the area of “School and Education”


Roman Yaremko

Head of the entire area

office hours:
Mo. 10:00-12:00 Uhr und 14:00-16:00 Uhr

Pavillon 1 / upper floor
Albert-Einstein-Allee 5
89081 Ulm

Room 36

Phone: +49 (0)731/50-23464

Dr. Katja Springer

office hours: Do. 14:00-16:00 Uhr

Pavillon 1 / upper floor
Albert-Einstein-Allee 5
89081 Ulm

Room 35

Phone: +49 (0)731/50-23466