Our Concept

Within the ASQ (additive key qualification) area of foreign languages and intercultural competence, the Centre for Languages and Philology devotes itself to

  • the consolidation and expansion of foreign language skills
  • the development of intercultural competences and coping skills

These relevant additional qualifications are essential for future leaders in the fields of politics, law, economics and administration, even in small or middle-sized companies with a more regional or national focus. Keyword: “internationalisation” of the labour market. 

The following languages are currently offered. BA and MA students may acquire credit points for ASQs (3 ECTS points for two 45-minute class contact hours per week):




German Sign Language





Korean Portuguese Swedish Spanish


Regional Studies


Communication Studies

Comparative Cultural Studies


The following types of classes are offered structured according to content and level:

  • language and culture (basic, secondary and advanced level) 
  • specialised language 
  • regional studies / literature 
  • presentation techniques / conversation / argumentation in a foreign language 
  • intercultural communication / general and comparative cultural studies 
  • communication studies / rhetoric 

It is important to note that the courses on offer – for example in the area of “language and culture” – are not simply language courses in the traditional sense, rather they aim at communicating explicitly and intrinsically socio-cultural competences in the respective languages and cultural communities.

The entire programme of courses is subject to the nationally valid certification system for languages UNIcert®, and also has an additional European dimension: the associated levels of knowledge correspond to the descriptions of proficiency of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages of the Council of Europe.

Advice: Registration for courses is possible either via www.zsp.uni-ulm.de or directly via https://centre.uni-ulm.de.