Translations into English

When communicating with and providing information to international or English-speaking target groups, it is important to use correct and consistent terminology.

Important information

  • Ulm University belongs to the European Higher Education Area. The language version as stipulated by the Board is therefore British English.
  • The correct English name of the University is 'Ulm University' – as shown in the logo.

Below are some useful tools for the correct translation of academic terms from German to English and English to German:

Online Glossary (database)
This comprehensive database with search function for German and English will show you the translations of a broad range of academic terminology, particularly of the German higher education system.

We are still building and constantly refining this glossary and would like your help. Can't find a term or unhappy with its translation? Please contact Daniela Wittmeier: daniela.wittmeier(at)

Glossary (pdf)
This is a short version of the glossary with the most important terminology specific to Ulm University for you to download and print.

Style guide (pdf)
A guide to the correct use of titles, forms of address, common German and English abbreviations, formats of date and time, phone numbers and much more.

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