Responsibilities & Regulations

Supervisors should be ready to help their graduate students at every stage of research, from formulation of their research projects through establishing methodologies and discussing results to presentation and publication of the dissertation. They must also ensure that their students’ work meets the standards of the university and the Graduate School.

As supervisor in the International Graduate School you have the following duties and responsibilities:

  • participation in intermediate examinations of your PhD students (once a year at the Spring or Fall Meeting)
  • participation in the training activities of the Graduate School (e.g. lecture series Improve your textbook knowledge, biweekly seminar Progress Report
  • participation in the Spring and Fall Meetings (e.g. be responsible for chairing a session of the meeting and inviting speakers)
  • participation in the PhD Selection Days
  • participation in the yearly supervisors' plenary meetings
  • assembling the Thesis Advisory Committee (together with the student)

The International PhD Programme in Molecular Medicine is a structured programme. Therefore our students are expected to attend several compulsory seminars and lectures. They are required to attend the seminar Progress Report, the lecture series Improve your textbook Knowledge and the seminar Good Scientific Practice. Please make sure that your students attend all compulsory courses. An overview of all courses can be found here.