You have been selected for the International PhD Programme in Molecular Medicine - Congratulations! The first thing to do after receiving the admission letter is to confirm that you will accept the PhD position. more

First Intermediate Exam

After your first year of PhD studies you have to take your first intermediate exam. The first intermediate exam takes place during the Graduate School’s Spring or Fall Meeting and consists of a poster presentation in front of your TAC. It counts 10% into your final PhD grade.more


Second Intermediate Exam

The second intermediate exam takes place after your second year of PhD studies and consists of a poster presentation and a talk at our Spring or Fall Meeting. The second exam also counts 10% into your final PhD grade.
Again it is your responsibility to invite your TAC members to the intermediate examination and to organize your exam. Date and time of your public talk are fixed by the Graduate School and can be found in the meeting’s programme. At least two TAC members have to be present at both parts of your exam. more


At the end of the three year’s period of PhD studies you have to write a thesis on your PhD project in English language. The thesis counts 60% into your final PhD grade. For the composition of the dissertation there are some formal rules that have to be followed. You can find them in our Guidelines for Dissertation. more


Your disputation should take place within six weeks after the arrival of the last thesis evaluation. We will inform you as soon as we have received the last evaluation. Then it is your responsibility to organize the disputation. At least 4 examiners have to evaluate your defence; one of being member of the PhD committee. The other examiners should be TAC members and/or external thesis reviewers. Should your dissertation have been graded “summa cum laude”, you need 5 examiners, incl. two members of the PhD committee. more