Junior Faculty at Ulm University

Junior Faculty at IGradU is a program for junior researchers (e.g. postdocs) working at the Ulm University or University Medical Center Ulm.  A 'junior researcher‘ is a person with a Ph.D. but without a permanent faculty position.

The overall aim of Junior Faculty is to to promote the careers of young scientists through active interaction with the university, the faculty boards and the society.


  • To prepare its members to achieve success in their academic or industry  careers
  • To encourage interactions and facilitate collaborations among the faculty
  • To provide:

                - advice on balancing personal and professional responsibilities
                - opportunities for skill development
                - positive feedback and constructive criticism
                - gender equality

Current events:

18.09.2020, 09:00 a.m.- 05:00 p.m.
Online seminar
Networking in the academic context

The possibilities to make quick and target focused contact with experts, colleagues, potential employers and staff members, funders and business partners have increased in number and significance. In the light of growing complexity in the knowledge society and better electronic contact possibilities, the ‘know-who’ is gaining in importance next to the ‘know-how’.
In the academic sector, as elsewhere, personal contacts enhance the chances of finding supporters and funders for one’s own project, of receiving conference invitations, of being involved in publications, and of being told about interesting positions.
Networking requires initiative and continued investment. It is helpful, in this context, to be able to rely on proven strategies to make the right contacts, to communicate in a target focused way and to find the balance between giving and taking. The workshop transmits these proven networking techniques.

The following points are dealt with:
>> Basics of networking: Objectives – right from the start!
>> Before the harvest, sow: Building contacts
>> Network care: The dos and don’ts of networking
>> Network university: Which contacts and bodies are important?
>> Networking as investment: Benefits versus costs
>> Small talk as icebreaker:

Only for our JF-members