Core Facility Laser Microdissection

The Core Facility "Laser Microdissection" is a member of the Center for Translational Imaging MoMAN.

The Core Facility Laser Microdissection of the Faculty of Medicine under the direction of Prof. Dr. Britsch has a fully equipped PALM MicroBeam (Zeiss). This system provides a contact-free isolation and collection of high-purity cells to be analysed from tissue samples or cell cultures.

All working groups of the University Hospital, the University and external companies/academic institutions can use the Core Facility after prior briefing (scientific contact: Dr. Wiegreffe and technical contact: Ms. Krattenmacher). In addition, the Core Facility also provides a range of services in terms of sample preparation and processing.

These services can be accessed after instruction and briefing have been given. The resource usage for the trained users is carried out via an online booking calendar (intranet). In the event of full utilisation or overbooking, the equipment could also be used outside working hours after consultation and agreement of the Core Facility management.

The investigator is responsible for the experimental material and the related authorisations (valid ethics or animal experimentation applications). The user has also to take care for its own data processing, transfer and, if necessary, storage.

More information

  • Laser microdissection for isolation and analysis of DNA, RNA and proteins.
  • Application for cryosections, FFPE tissue and cell culture
  • Performed on membrane slides or standard glass slides
  • Selective isolation and recultivation of adherent cells
  • Positive and negative selection

  • RoboMover for automated high throughput sample collection
  • Wide range of collectors (e.g. Caps, Strips, 96-well format and LiveCell Collector)
  • Multichannel fluorescence and analysis software for automated detection of fluorescence-stained cells
  • Incubation chamber for cell culture (50 mm or 35 mm culture dishes)

Hands-on Workshop on the 18.04.2023

Expand your knowledge of the Laser Microdissection technique by exchanging ideas with the Carl Zeiss Microscopy experts.

Registration: med.lmd(at)

- Deadline: 29th March 2023 -

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